A Living Food System that provides nutrient-rich food for people in all communities is a foundation of a Living Future. Today at the unConference, ILFI announced the launch of a pilot for a Living Food Challenge; a challenge to growers, processors, distributors and consumers to design a food production, processing and distribution system that functions as effectively and efficiently as nature’s living ecosystems.


The Living Food Challenge will address a food’s cradle-to-plate impacts, including food waste, loss of topsoil, hunger and malnutrition, food miles, overconsumption of meat, advertising to children, monocultures, farmworker rights, factory farming, GMOs, and more. ILFI hopes to learn from and embrace other programs that are also tackling these same challenges to move toward a better future.


The Living Food Challenge, like others administered in ILFI’s Living Future Challenges, will provide a framework and standard for producers and distributors to meet. Says Jason McLennan, “Like the Living Building Challenge, there are 20 imperatives. What those are depend on your area…We don’t tell you how to do your job. We leave the genius to you.”


Over the coming year, ILFI will be testing the Living Food Challenge pilot with a small, carefully selected group of stakeholders to create a model for the future of Living Food.


To stay up to date on this pilot program, contact LFCPilot@living-future.org.
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