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The ILFI community has over 1,000 Living Future Accredited1 professionals, with more leaders enrolling every day. This group uses their LFA to advance ILFI’s vision of what good looks like: a society that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative. 

From successfully guiding clients through Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification to specifying Red List Free materials with confidence and evolving organizational practices with Just, LFAs are valued for their knowledge, skills, and passion. The reasons why our community chooses LFA and the stories they share with us after achievement demonstrate just how powerful we can be together to advance a living future. 

“I saw [LFA] as a way to take my practice to the next level and help establish myself as an expert in the field of resilience and sustainability as I work to bring awareness to more responsible ways of building [in my community].”

Matthew Stanfield, FiELD9: architecture

“[I chose to become LFA to] deepen my knowledge of all things related to health and wellbeing in the built environment, support initiatives already in place in my firm, and integrate regenerative principles into work.”

Laura Pirie, Pirie Associates Architects

As our community recognizes, buildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions and thus represent a critical component for the vision of a living future. Advancing professional  practices to create regenerative built environments that allow us to thrive is where LFAs have the biggest impact.

“During the process of getting my LFA, I worked on one of the most daring sustainability projects I had yet done to date. My LFA research helped a lot to stay ahead of where the team needed to go and to challenge the status quo within the [public school]’s system for sustainability. I also was able to specify some LPC products for some of my interiors projects that I found through my coursework for the LFA. … Being Living Future Accredited provides me some legitimacy to be at the table for these discussions.”

Brittany Dhawan, Studio 144 Architects

“You can’t unsee the themes of the ILFI programs once you learn them. Throughout my graduate school-work this past year, I pushed my cohort to think beyond ‘sustainability’ toward a regenerative world.”

Meg Pursell, City & County of Denver

“‘What does good look like’ has become the basis for just about every decision I make.”

Kristen Suzda, Re:Vision Architecture

The ripple effects of becoming accredited can transform your firm, your community, and your world to consider “what good looks like” and make a positive impact. We hope this potential for advocacy inspires you, too.

If you’d like to add your voice about why LFA is meaningful to you, click here to share it with us. We’d love to celebrate your achievement and recognize the impact you’re making with LFA. 

Curious about becoming Living Future Accredited? Living Future Members save 10% on LFA enrollment, and further discounts are available for teams.

1Living Future Accreditation (LFA) is the professional credential that recognizes and rewards proficiency in the most ambitious, advanced, and holistic regenerative design standards available. Achieving LFA equips professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to incorporate regenerative design into their projects. The credential is achieved through the completion of a foundational curriculum and additional educational requirements. Visit to learn more.

Written By

Alaïa Giglio and Brittney Boudwin

Alaïa Giglio manages the Living Future Accreditation program, supports delivery of both live/in-person educational events and on-demand/online education, and develops new educational content. More broadly, she also works with our global community network. Alaïa graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Reed College. Her senior thesis analyzed the sustainability of the Columbia River Basin Chinook salmon fishery using Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines and concluded with recommendations for management. Brittney Boudwin leads the education team at ILFI and is responsible for educational strategy, curriculum development, and course design. She also oversees the management of the LFA program, ILFI’s professional credential that recognizes proficiency in the world’s most ambitious, advanced, and holistic sustainable design standards. Brittney has over 10 years of CSR, social justice, and sustainable design experience working with a variety of partners from small neighborhood communities to Fortune 500 companies.