For the past three years, we’ve hosted the Net Positive Energy and Water Conference to explore net positive energy and water solutions. We’ve recently evolved the Net Positive event model to provide even more bang for our energy buck. To build on the metaphor, we are trying to provide capacity building and education to our current and new constituents more efficiently and cost effectively.

We are partnering with aligned organizations to host well curated content that spotlights specific topics and issues, sometimes with a regional focus. We will host the events in venues that have strong value alignment with us, such as universities with interest in Living Future programs, or retreat centers with a natural or biophilic focus.

We are particularly excited about the first of our new Net Positive events. The Net Positive Symposium, at the University of British Columbia – Robson Square in downtown Vancouver on October 30, is being jointly presented with Passive House Canada. This single day, regionally focused event will investigate the synergies between Passive House, Living Buildings, and Zero Energy through fast moving vignettes and case studies. Check out more details here.

Additionally, we’re partnering with the North America Passive House Network to provide a Net Positive track at their conference, in Oakland October 6 and 7, as well as providing a half day class on the basics of the Living Building Challenge. Find out more here.

There are many inherent benefits of a Passive House design approach, including cost effectiveness, ability to scale, resiliency of the building during power outages, and internal temperature stability, allowing mechanical heating and cooling to coincide with renewable production peaks. We look forward to investigating these topics as we move forward together.

Working more with the Passive House community and framework is just one of many new partnership angles our Zero Energy program is introducing to the Living Future community. Stay tuned for more exciting Net Positive events and symposia planned for 2018!

Written By

Brad Liljequist

Brad directs Zero Energy Program for the Institute. He is author of The Power of Zero: Learning From the World's Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings.