The International Living Future Institute announced that the Living Product Challenge and Declare are now recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its Recommendations of Specifications, Standards and Ecolabels for federal purchasers.

The recommendations, which help federal purchasers identify and procure environmentally sustainable products and services, include the Living Product Challenge and Declare as recommended standards for a range of low-emitting materials including carpet, flooring products, furniture, and interior latex paint.

“We designed the Living Product Challenge and Declare to transform the building materials marketplace through innovation, transparency and the highest standards of health and toxic chemical avoidance,” said James Connelly, Director of the Living Product Challenge for the ILFI. “We thank the EPA for their extensive work to identify standards and ecolabels that encourage the U.S. federal government – one of the world’s biggest materials markets – to measurably improve its environmental performance, and we are thrilled that the Living Product Challenge and Declare are a part of this initiative.”

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