In an effort to further expand Declare’s global presence, ILFI is excited to announce a translation pathway for Declare labels and product claims. Declare labels can now be translated into any language with the help of a Declare International Partner or approved translation service. For translated Declare labels, ILFI will issue the Declare label in English alongside any requested language(s) and update the product database entry to reflect the translated product data. This new format will eliminate the language barrier and open up ingredient transparency data to product specifiers and stakeholders in around the world, further fueling the growth of Declare, the Living Building Challenge, and the healthy materials movement.

MetroFlor has stepped up as a leader and a partner in ILFI’s efforts to bring the transparency movement to a global audience. They now hold Declare labels for Aspecta One, Aspecta Five, and Aspecta Ten in English, with new translated labels in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Their leadership’s unyielding commitment to transparency supports the message of the Living Building Challenge and healthy materials to their partners and customers in the United States, Europe, and beyond. With the dedication of world-leading manufacturers like MetroFlor, ILFI is witnessing an accelerated transformation in the building materials marketplace.

There is no one metric that can truly demonstrate the impact Declare has had in 2017. Over the past twelve months alone, the program has issued 700 labels, bringing the total number of issued labels to 1,500. Declare now represents over 650 products by 150 manufacturers and gives project teams transparent, healthy product options in applications including weatherproofing, window assemblies, flooring, gypsum wallboard, plumbing, and lighting. Declare is accepted in an increasing number of sustainability certifications and standards including the Living Building Challenge; the Living Product Challenge; LEEDv4; the WELL Building Standard; and the EPA’s Recommendations of Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels for Federal Purchasing inspiring an increasing number of specifiers to source products through Declare.

As the Declare program grows it is equally important that it also matures. The number of labels issued has grown, but so has the complexity of the products represented. The database now represents products teams once thought impossible to collect ingredient data for. Declare has inspired manufacturers to look beyond the ingredients of a few key products and focus on the evaluation and reporting of company-wide supply chains. Label translation is the next, exciting step in the growth and maturity of this industry changing program. The publishing of the MetroFlor Aspecta labels in six languages opens new doors for Declare and the transparency movement and provides product specifiers all over the world with resources to make informed product decisions.

Written By

Andrea Cooper

Andrea is a sustainable design and construction professional with a background in interior design, architecture and construction management. After receiving her Master of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Andrea worked on some of the most noteworthy, sustainable buildings in the Midwest while with WMA Consulting Engineers. She brings with her an in-depth knowledge of architecture and engineering systems which she applied as a project team member on several Living Building Challenge projects, including the Midwest Offices of the Natural Resources Defense Council.