Between now and the Living Future Conference in April, we will introduce some of the incredible practitioners, change-makers, and innovators who are speaking at Living Future 2021. This week, we are featuring Dave Bennink, Director/Owner of Re-Use Consulting, one of our conference speakers

Dave Bennink

Tierra Copeland: What does sustainability look like to you?

Dave Bennink: I see sustainability as a state of being where countless synergistic beneficial acts result in that achievement. Our culture has yet to reach that lofty goal, but I have been privileged to catch just a glimpse of what sustainability looks like. 

TC: What initially drew you to a career in sustainability?

DB: I experience that when I help set up new beneficial businesses that create jobs, divert resources, and provide those resources to community members in need. This circular model neither stands alone as in a single project or building, nor does it take from the environment or others more than it gives back. 

TC: What does this year’s theme, “Unity + Inclusion,” mean to you? How does this translate to your personal or professional life?

DB: Finally, sustainability is all inclusive, affordable, and relies on everyone’s participation.

TC: Thank you, Dave. We look forward to hearing more from you on your session From Trash to Change: Uniting around Material Reuse for a Zero-Waste & Zero-Carbon Future on Thursday, April 22nd, at Living Future 21. 

Written By

Tierra Copeland

Tierra serves as an events manager for the events team at ILFI where she supports the team with producing ILFI’s signature conferences and events. Tierra is passionate about planning successful events that serve a purpose in our communities and impacts the lives of many people which is what led her to join ILFI.