The withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement today is deeply disappointing as well as foolish, particularly given that renewable energy is now being realized on such a significant scale throughout the US.

However, great leaps forward usually come from the innovators and risk takers – those that have the guts, foresight and empathy to think beyond themselves and visualize a future where all species thrive. Repeating a history that pillages the future for the next generation in the name of greed is not only short-sighted it is also proven to cost more in the long-term. Our numerous EPA Superfund sites are a testimony to that.

Today we are even more grateful for our Living Future movement –  regenerative designers, sustainability advocates, people with hearts that bleed green not because it is politically expedient, but because it is morally imperative. We will continue to harness and empower their vision for a truly Living Future for all in order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, with or without the White House.

We must all continue to make progress in our communities. Here are three things that you can do right now:

1. Join the Living Future Network, a global community of leaders that are creating powerful change in over 52 countries.

2. Get inspired to take action by reading the latest Curbed article on how architects can lead the fight against climate change.

3. Tell us how you plan to take action on Twitter. Let’s encourage each other to continue toward a Living Future.

Written By

Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA

Amanda is the CEO of ILFI. She joined the Institute following a career as a licensed architect with fifteen years experience designing and managing some of the most sustainable buildings in the Pacific Northwest.