Growing interest over the health of our interior environments has led to an increasing number of projects considering the Well Building Standard and Living Building Challenge certifications.

To achieve the requirements of these certifications, it is critical to source materials that meet the stringent standards. While it can be difficult to find architectural products that meet the certification requirements, Acme 50 seamless glass walls is one product that has been used in two high profile projects that pursued certification.

In Etsy’s quest for a sustainable office design for its headquarters, a small team vetted more than 1,500 items to make sure they adhered to the materials standard of the Living Building Challenge.1 Inscape’s Declare labeled Acme 50 seamless glass walls were selected to provide space division for their beautiful interior space.

A glimpse into Etsy’s headquarters where they’ve used Inscape’s Acme50 walls to create innovative spaces.

Delos, pioneer of the WELL Building Standard™, the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness, also selected Acme 50 to provide space division in their new headquarters. Janna Wandzilak, Director at Delos Solutions, shared with us their goals and selection of architectural walls for their space:

“When it came to sourcing architectural walls for Delos HQ, we had a couple goals in mind. In addition to maximizing daylight for all employees in the space by using glass partitions, acoustics were critical. We wanted to provide a quiet space for occupants to work and acoustical privacy within focus rooms, conference rooms and private offices. In our pursuit of WELL, LEED and Living Building Challenge, as well as our commitment to creating an ideal space for employees, material health was a major goal of the project. By utilizing the Declare label for Acme 50, we saved time in the material vetting process and Inscape had all of the information we needed on-hand to easily pull together documentation for our certifications.”

A clean, seamless glass wall, Acme 50’s slim profile and steel construction allows for solid architecture with a minimalist aesthetic. Acoustic options available include an STC tested rating of up to 40 with single glazing. Acme 50 is level® 3 certified and Living Building Challenge compliant and contributes to LEED credits. Acme 50 walls are manufactured in Falconer, NY by Inscape and are available through authorized dealers in the USA and Canada.


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David Gerson

David Gerson is the Vice President of Marketing for Inscape, an innovative, commercial interiors manufacturing company. His current professional obsession is the science and theory surrounding Biophilic Design and the impacts it has on the human experience in the built environment.