We accept freelance pitches for the Trim Tab blog and Trim Tab Magazine. Please only send your pitches (not the full article). We’ve included some helpful tips for inclusion below.

Pitching your Ideas

Please a 2-3 sentence summary of the proposed article to We accept stories that show strong thematic alignment (see below for 2016 themes) and that fit within the following parameters:
• Human interest stories that relate to the built environment. Tell us about an experience that has inspired or challenged you. As a result, what actions are you taking to make your community a better place for everyone? (approx 800 words)
• Helpful how-tos from teams, individuals or volunteers that are pursuing or have achieved certification with any of our programs. We invite our community to share tips or lessons learned. (approx 800 words)
• Share your expertise to examine a current event or recent trend. (1,000-1,500 words)
• Informative Listicles around your area of expertise. Share a list of images or detailed tips on your project or area of expertise. Ex: “10 New Tools to Use for Materials Specification” or “8 Harmful Chemicals that are Hidden in Building Products” This should include a 1-2 paragraph introduction to the list. Each list item should be 1-4 sentences.

Submission Parameters

Submissions should be 1000-2000 word articles that exemplify people, projects or design concepts that are changing the ways in which humans interact with the built environment. Sample topics: climate change, regenerative design, biophilia, circular economy, social justice, and collaboration. Be sure to consider the editorial themes (below) in your submission.

Use the following submission template and email for all submission inquiries.

Author Bio: 1-2 sentences + website url (if applicable) + Twitter handle (if applicable)
Link to Previous Article(s):
Type of Article:
2-3 Sentence Summary:
Date to Submit Full Article:
Editorial Theme: Choose one of the 2016 themes:

v.29 | Transparency (July-September)
v.30| Biophilia (October-November)
v.31 | Collaboration (December-January)

Submitting Images to Trim Tab Magazine + Blog:

• Send high-resolution artwork for the magazine.
• Send .JPG and/or .TIF files.
• Pixel dimensions should come close to 1500 pixels on both the length and width of the images that you send.
• DO NOT send photos placed into Word, PowerPoint or that have any text on them.
• Send only original artwork or images for which you have obtained permissions to reprint. Submission to Trim Tab constitutes permission to reprint, and resulting copyright claim will be the responsibility of the author.


Freelance contributors will have the benefit of sharing their stories and ideas to an advanced audience of green building practitioners, providing progressive fodder for discussion, projects and real change. At this time, freelance contributions are voluntary.